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The premier trusted partner for asset managers and their funds, innovating with technology and serving with compassion.

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Our Technology

Our Delta 360 platform provides modern data ingestion, enrichment, and integration capabilities in a state-of-the-art and fully cloud native architecture.

Our Services

Our Services

We are a full-service administrator, distributor and transfer agent.

Fund Accounting

Paralel fund accounting utilizes sophisticated, modern technology to provide timely services in a tightly controlled environment taking advantage of systemic controls, exception-based processing and reconciliations. Our services include:

  • Daily or periodic NAV calculation
  • NAV performance calculation
  • Record keeping and retention
  • Reporting and NAV dissemination

Fund Administration

Our dedicated team offers a comprehensive set of Fund Administration, Treasury Oversight and Audit Management services through a state-of-the-art technology platform including:

  • Financial reporting
  • Regulatory reporting, including preparation, review and filling
  • Audit coordination and support
  • Expense management, including preparation of payments, expense accruals and budget
  • Board report preparation
  • Relationship management
  • Vendor oversight

Legal Administration

Our legal team provides a range of comprehensive and tailored legal services to registered funds, leveraging our extensive experience in handling both routine and complex legal administration matters using a service-first approach. Our services include:

  • End-to-end management of all aspects of the board meeting process
  • Preparation and coordination of regulatory filings and notices
  • Management of registration statement filings in coordination with fund legal counsel
  • Administration of securities exchange requirements
  • Operational support across a range of legal and contractual matters

Tax Administration

Offering a customizable suite of tax services, such as:

  • Testing for IRS regulatory requirements
  • Tax support for SEC filling requirements
  • Coordination and support for tax audits
  • Computation for fiscal and excise distribution requirements
  • Determination of year-end shareholder tax designation

Transfer Agent Services

Our dedicated team provides SOC-1 Audited, shareholder, intermediary and back-office support. Employing the latest technology, deploying a comprehensive offering of services using flexible, scalable cloud native architecture, including:

  • Services for Mutual Funds, Interval Funds
  • Shareholder servicing through our call center and client branded online services
  • Flexible shareholder output services that include the delivery of tax forms, statements, transaction confirmations and regulatory documents
  • Blue Sky registration and state sales reporting
  • Intermediary back office support for NSCC, commission and 12b-1 payments

Fund CCO Services

Paralel's Fund CCO Services provide expert compliance management, ensuring seamless navigation of regulatory complexities and empowering funds to thrive with confidence. Our services include:

  • Providing an experienced and qualified Fund CCO
  • Customized compliance program tailored to your specific profile
  • Proactive policies and procedural updates resulting from changes in regulations
  • Service provider due diligence and ongoing oversight
  • Ongoing compliance monitoring and testing
  • Comprehensive quarterly and annual 38a-1 fund board reporting
  • Regulatory exam support and communications

Distribution Services

Paralel serves as your partner and guide in all aspects and complexities of the regulatory distribution environment to support efficient execution of your funds' distribution strategies.

  • Principal underwriter and distributor for any registered funds
  • Registered representative licensing, administration and supervision
  • Review, approve, and FINRA file fund marketing materials via Paralel's proprietary system
  • Intermediary relations
  • ETF Distribution Services
  • Distributor for closed-end fund ATM offerings

Series Trust Solutions

Paralel offers asset managers a series trust solution in Elevation Series Trust, designed to streamline the launch and management of registered funds.  Elevation Series Trust’s shared trust structure reduces operational complexities and costs. By partnering with us, investment managers benefit from:

  • Speed to market - Eliminates the need to create your trust structure and decreases the time to fund launch
  • Experienced Professionals – Qualified trustees and officers provide exemplary oversight, thought leadership and innovative insights
  • Cost Effective – Economies of scale across funds reduces several organizational and operating costs
  • Best-in-Class Partners - Industry leading group of strategic partners to navigate every step of the fund journey
  • Enhanced distribution channels through access to trust-level selling agreements

Leadership Team


Our leadership team's average is more than 20 years of experience in our industry.

Jeremy May

Founder & CEO

Nick Austin

Senior Controller

Alyssa Campbell

Head of People and Culture

Aaron Gregg

Director, Transfer Agency

Yelena Kalmykov

Director of Tax

Jill Kerschen

Director, Fund Administration

Scott McVicker

Data Strategy

Chris Moore

General Counsel & CCO

Daniel Sen

Senior Investment Analyst

Bradley Swenson

President of Paralel Distributors

Huong Totten

Chief Product Officer

Aaron Varnum

Director, Fund Accounting

Jonathan Vickery

Chief Technology Officer

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